Majestic waterfalls in Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is blessed with a myriad of wonderful sights. In addition to all-the-time-famous tourist attractions such as Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, Sam Son beach, Cam Luong fish pond, etc. Backpackers definitely can't ignore the magnificent waterfalls when visiting this land.

Mo Waterfall (Ba Thuoc)

Mo waterfall (also known as Muon fall) is located about 100 km away from Thanh Hoa city. Tourists can drive along Route 217 and back to the high mountainous area to contemplate the amazing and charming beauty of this wonder.

Mo Waterfall consists of 43 falls with different sizes, altogether creating a fantastic and attractive sight. This arouses the curiosity and sense of adventure of the tourists. You will be engulfed by its natural beauty, its coolness, and purity, and I’m sure all your worries and tiredness will be wiped away by every step you take to conquer this splendid waterfall.

Here, tourists can not only enjoy the allure of Mo Waterfall but also have the chance to meet and talk with friendly and hospitable Muong people. Tourists can stay and live with the indigenous people in their traditional stilt houses, know more about brocade weaving and enjoy the ‘can’ wine and cuisine of Muong people.

May Waterfall (Thach Lam, Thach Thanh)

May Waterfall is also one of the renowned appealing waterfalls in Thanh Hoa. Although it has just been discovered by backpackers in the past few years, its sheer majesty is enough to impress and excite everyone. From Hanoi, down Ho Chi Minh Trail, May Waterfall is definitely a good destination for picnicking at the weekend or on holidays. The waterfall is just over 100 km from Hanoi, near Cuc Phuong National Park borders Thanh Hoa.

Hieu Waterfall (Co Lung, Ba Thuoc)

Hieu Waterfall is distanced 25km from Canh Nang town (Ba Thuoc). The interesting thing is that everything from plants to objects along the stream is all “petrified.”

Water flows from the Hieu Fall are rich in limestone, creating not only a peculiarly crystal-blue stream of water but the precipitation between the background and the two sides of the stream. Sometimes when it rains heavily, the stream is whitened with limestone powder.

This place has formed a place of interest which features a system of stilt houses for tourists to stay and relax. Located on the floor with a few pillows, tourists can have a wonderful time indulging themselves in the magnificent scenery of the mountains.

Ma Hao Waterfall (Lang Chanh)

Ma Hao Waterfall is an attractive tourist destination located about 20km from Lang Chanh town center. Splitting the green forest, the waterfall cascades and wear aways those abrasively sharp stones. The water from the top of the mountain falls into a mild and gentle stream, spreading out white foam.

Especially, on scorchingly hot summer days, Ma Hang waterfall becomes an appealing destination for visitors in the area to enjoy the fresh air and immerse themselves in the cool water of nature.

These fairly beautiful waterfalls can captivate you all for the first time. If you are fed up with the all-too-often-visited places, let’s pack up and discover the natural beauty and coolness of these wonders.